A few videos worth watching

You may well have seen these videos – but just in case I thought I’d post a few up that I’ve enjoyed recently:

First up a fun video from the Norwegian crew who came to visit London and did the whole Disloyalty Card in a day.  Epic, heroic quantities of caffeine consumed!  Quite how they managed to cup with us halfway through the day remains a mystery.  I’m almost jealous of their coffee constitutions: Continue reading “A few videos worth watching”

One title doesn’t fit all


This is going to be a bit of a mish mash post, a composite of a few different things.  Originally I had planned to follow up the previous post on brew temperature and conduct a few experiments but the comments quickly reminded me I need to go and do some serious reading before attempting anything serious.

Instead this post is a collection of a few different thoughts rolling around like tumbleweed in my brain. Continue reading “One title doesn’t fit all”

A silly vacpot brew

I make no apologies for coveting the fancy halogen heaters people are using for their syphon bars around the world.  Frustratingly they all seem to be weird voltages – 110v – and thus useless to me.

Anette had an old 1000W photography lamp around – I’ve used it in the past for high speed espresso droplet shots – and I’ve noticed it gets quite hot.  My inner child suggested I should use it to make a vacpot.  So I did.

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The Marco Über Boiler

This will probably end up being quite a long post, and sorry for being a bit cryptic on here the other day.  I want to explain the history of this little project, and give credit where it is due.

This morning I got up early to fly over to Dublin, to the CatEx show there.  Apart from catching up with Stephen, and lots of other lovely coffee people, and catching a little of the Irish Barista Championship, I was really there to see the guys at Marco and the new machine they had on their stand.

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