New Espresso Warehouse Catalogue

Just a quick one really – a while ago Espresso Warehouse got in touch and asked if I’d like to photograph their new catalogue.  I said yes without really thinking about it, and later discovered that this wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be, and I liked the challenge of trying to capture what they wanted.

Espresso Warehouse Covershot

The four days of shooting were a lot of fun – they wanted a more realistic feel for the products so we shot a lot of stuff in people’s cafes and I think my favourite photo is the one they’ve used on the contents page, shot along the bar of Tinderbox in Glasgow as the three baristas work.  This was my first professional photo gig and a lot of fun.

Sebastião Salgado – In Principio

coffee cherry sorting picking brazil

After a few nudges from friends, and by sheer coincidence I ended up at Gallery 32 to have a look at the photographs of Sebastião Salgado, who took on the project with Illy.

All the photos of origin are in black and white, which was interesting. He used a really high ISO and then used the grain to almost age the photographs. What was strange to me was the absence of colour – especially with so many photos of cherries and picking.

I had expected more photos than I found – many of those on the website are not at the gallery, but it is free and if you are lucky they will offer you an espresso from their new pod system. I declined the drink, but did take a capsule home to have a little look at.


In Principio

Gallery 32

32 Green Street

London W1K 7AT

T : 020 7399 9282

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