Video 10 – Labelling results

In case I don’t make it clear enough in the video – if you can do this (if you are a cafe or roastery) then I would highly recommend this simple experiment.

Arthur Benjamin’s formula for changing maths education

The coffees we used 1:

Blackburn AA

El Carrizo

Ngunguru AA

Tegu AA

  1. this is more so you can read the descriptions than me trying to flog you coffee!  ↩︎

Video 7 – News, thank yous and labels

I suspect I am going to start struggling for post titles soon!

Sorry about the macbook filming again today – no more from now on (honest!).

Relevant links:

Josh’s Video

The Coffee Boys

The tasting will be this Friday (The 17th, not the 16th) from 4pm to 6pm.  I only need 10 minutes of your time to quickly pop in and taste 5 coffees that we will be brewing over and over.  No need to RSVP or anything, but a note in the comments would be nice.

On a side note – I know this post wasn’t published when it was supposed to be, but the video was uploaded on time so I count that as a win and not a fail.  So there!