Video: Back to the Moka Pot

This video was uploaded a few days ago, and is worth watching if you use a Moka pot (or have customers who do). I appreciate the tiny little hat tip at the start, and who doesn’t love modding coffee brewing kit to have 4 thermocouples in it for logging data…? I also learned a few… Continue reading

Introducing Longberry Magazine

Today I’m proud to announce that a project ,that has been in the works for some times, has come to fruition – Longberry Magazine. A small group (myself, Ben Szobody and Jacob Forrest) felt that coffee was fascinating, but that most publications were more focused on the trade side of things rather than trying to… Continue reading

The Failure of First

There is an obsession with being first in our culture that I find increasingly troubling and frustrating. This isn’t just coffee specifically, I find it throughout various industries and professions. Journalism has long chased the scoop – the story that no one else has. In the past a scoop wasn’t simply a story that no… Continue reading

Tamper Tantrum Talk: Bourbon

I was asked by Colin Harmon to give a talk at the Tamper Tantrum event at the UK Barista Championship. He gave me a one word topic, so I thought I’d have a little fun with it. I hope you enjoy the talk, I’m sure there are a few factual holes that people will pick… Continue reading

Reverse engineering espresso

Typically when we think about brewing espresso it all starts with a dose of dry coffee going into a basket. We might start out with our 19g of coffee, and think about what we want to do from there. We might try a ratio that we enjoyed with another coffee, and taste it and measure… Continue reading

Introducing Coffee Jobs Board

About 5 years ago I set up a website for coffee jobs in London. Today I’m launching both a redesign of that, as well as a global jobs board hub. If you want to skip the explanations and ideas behind then feel free to explore the site here: COFFEE JOBS BOARD History I originally created… Continue reading

Hipsters, coffee and authenticity

I don’t really like the word hipster, nor do I condone its usage (despite occasional indulgence), but I did spend some time recently trying to work out what it meant and what we mean when we use it. It isn’t really a cultural label the way “goth” or “mod” were and are. I think the… Continue reading