An admission of failure

Maybe I set the bar too high in my own mind, maybe I wasn’t sufficiently clear and maybe (the most likely explanation) it just wasn’t that good of an idea to start with. UPDATE: Twitter has informed me that the problem is my expectations, and that I should stop being churlish for what many would… Continue reading

An Introduction to Acidity

This is the first topic in the learning project series of posts. Please click through at the end to share a link for further reading on the topic. Acidity is an important part of coffee, and weaves its way through the entire supply chain of the industry from variety to picking, from process to roasting… Continue reading

A worrying situation in Nyeri

Nyeri is a county in Kenya that produces some of the stunning coffees we’ve come to love. Coffee in the region is generally produced by small holders, rather than larger estates, which means we are used to seeing traceability down to the local factories (the term used in Kenya for a wet mill) that farmer’s… Continue reading

Planning for 2014

I’m not a New Years resolutions kind of person, but I do like a little planning. Years are as good an arbitrary unit as any other, so it seems appropriate to be looking ahead to what I want to achieve in 2014. I don’t plan on sharing every single goal but I can probably summarise… Continue reading

Coffee Blogs I’m Reading

There was a question on twitter the other day asking what coffee blogs I’m reading, and I think the answer probably requires a blog post. In the past I’ve posted enormous, long lists of blogs that I subscribe to but that probably isn’t helpful if you want to add a couple more to your reading… Continue reading

I’m not calling it theft

A hypothetical situation: You’re visiting a nice coffee shop in a different city, and you get recognised as a coffee person. You’ve queued up and you’ve got your $3 in hand ready to pay for your coffee. Instead your barista, seeing as you’re industry, gives you the coffee for free. You do what you think… Continue reading

The difficult middle

A couple of years ago I began to think quite a lot about longevity. I was seeing my own business, and many others, reach a point of maturity where it didn’t really feel fair to call them startups any more. I looked at my industry, and similar ones too, and was inevitably drawn to businesses… Continue reading

Three Things I’m Working On

As the second excruciatingly  long day of HOST draws to a close, I realise that I should probably write a little bit on here about the three things on show at the event that I’ve been involved with. In each case I should make clear that I’ve been very lucky to be involved with people… Continue reading

On Loyalty Cards

This post is not going to be particularly kind to loyalty cards. Let’s start off with the first problem: we’ve got the name wrong. Are we really creating “Loyalty”? They aren’t really loyalty cards, they’re more accurately described as discount cards. They are a fancy and convoluted form of coupons. Great coffee shops tend not… Continue reading