Automation And Espresso

What we see today as the role, or the definition, of a barista is going to change completely. This isn’t wishful thinking, this isn’t fear mongering. The impending role of automation is something we will have to come to accept. In the future the role of the barista will involve putting the customer first. (Matt Perger’s… Continue reading

A culture of throwing stones

I read the piece in Eater, by Matt Buchanan, titled “Maybe Just Don’t Drink Coffee” because quite a few people were joyfully sharing it on twitter. My reaction is perhaps different to most people’s. I’m not saying that it is a badly written piece, quite the opposite. It’s very well written, and I like Mr… Continue reading

The problem is delicious is easy

Coffee often looks to fine dining for inspiration. It’s not a surprising source of ideas, because they seem to have overcome a few challenges that coffee faces: They seem to have overcome barriers of pricing The guests are open to new experiences The guests are happy to be in the hands of the restaurant, rather… Continue reading

A new newsletter

Over the last few years I’ve struggled with defining this blog. More recently it has been a place for longer form pieces, and I’m happy writing this way here. Where things often become difficult is that blogs have typically been about more. They’ve had announcements, or bits of news, or interesting links etc. Twitter, Facebook… Continue reading

Variety Posters Now Available

The Coffee Variety Timeline Family Tree posters are now available! The shop is here: A few key things to mention: These are wholesale only from me at the moment, so come in units of 10. I just don’t have the logistical ability to sell single units. If you want a single poster (and I hope… Continue reading

Longberry Issue Two & A Dinner

Perhaps some of you doubted that Longberry would return for another issue. Perhaps some of you thought that the strap line of “An occasional journal of coffee” was a strange choice. Either way, I hope you’re pleased to hear that Longberry is returning! Issue Two will be available very soon, shipped by us direct to… Continue reading