An Experiment: Cupping Temperatures

Today I ran a quick experiment for the morning’s cupping. Willy Hansen had kindly sent us from coffee from Solberg & Hansen, and I used their Kenya Karamikui for our test. We’ve been using the Uber boiler to cup for some time now, and it great to remove another variable. I had been wondering, however, how important water temperature was.

The experiment was fairly simple. We cupped the same coffees at 9 different temperatures. Starting at 87C up to 95C. The temperature here was the temperature at the exit of the spout. We tried to let them cool a little to even the odds and I asked everybody to come and cup. I explained that all the bowls had the same coffee in, one factor was different and I asked everyone to pick a favourite bowl.
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Aida’s Grand Reserve

I am very much aware that promoting my own products or business on a personal blog very quickly spends any currency of goodwill that I might have built up.

There are, however, rare instances where I think it is entirely worth it and this is one of them. There is more information about the coffee on the product page, but we want to keep up the spirit of generosity of people like Aida Batlle and Gwilym and we want to raise as much money as we can.

You can read more about this coffee and what we are doing here. I hope you’ll consider buying a bag.

Uber Update

A few of you seemed quite interested in the Uber Boiler when I posted about it last month.  I get the MkII version installed tomorrow (which is good news in a week of bad news – more on that later), and for those of you who want to know more there is a blog for the project:

Uber Boiler Blog

I am glad the photo on the latest post is low res because that way you can’t see how terrible my handwriting is! (Not that Stephen’s is much better, though at least he can draw a bit…)