Episode Six – Tim Wendelboe

Finally, another podcast! It has been a while since the last one simply because I’ve been quite busy. In fact I’d been trying to record an interview with Tim for about 3 weeks and we kept struggling to find a time.

So when we ended up in Florence together, it seemed like a good opportunity and I grabbed my little audio recorder and we sat down and chatted for a while at the end of a splendid evening.

The conversation ranges far and wide covering espresso, pressure profiling, roasting, sourcing, relationships with producers, ageing of raw coffee, retail and more. Something for everyone I hope.

Apologies for the little audio glitch – I didn’t realise the mic picked up mobile phone signals the way old tvs and radios used to.

Thoughts and comments on this one welcome – I hope you all enjoy!

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(Music is “Journeyman” by Amon Tobin).


Do you want to sponsor the podcast?

The response to the last poll seems pretty favourable, so I am now officially looking for sponsorship. I am fickle about this stuff as a listener so I promise to make this as sympathetic as possible.

I should make clear that I’m not out to gouge or be cheeky with this – this isn’t how I want to make a living! If you are reading this and curious then drop an email to sponsor@ this domain name (always hard to hide email address from the evils of the web….). I will respond with a bit of info on the whole deal.

I’m going to look very silly if no one is interested!

Episode Five – Peter Giuliano

I really hope people enjoy this one – because I really, really enjoyed the conversation I had with Peter.  We’d planned to talk about some fermentation experiments he’d been working on, but we cover a range of things. Listening back it seems like we planned this more than we had – this wasn’t the case, it was just a little serendipitous.

In this podcast:

– What is fermentation in coffee?
– What can a coffee being “washed” mean?
– Some experiments with fermentation
– Peter’s favourite coffee books
– Variety Vs Varietal

There is more stuff in there too. I think it is a really helpful listen if you want to better understand this incredibly important part of the process. I just couldn’t chop this one down – so if you hate the longer podcasts I’m (sort of) sorry!

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Feedback always welcome – really hope people enjoy this one.


Episode Four – Mike Phillips

Very pleased I could grab Mike for a little while to have a chat about stuff. I’ll confess that I decided to edit this one down quite a bit. I said from the beginning that I wanted these to be about 30 minutes, and I want to stick to that.

In this episode:

– What he’s been up to this year
– Barista training
– Arguing about espresso brewing
– Just a little bit on barista competition

Things that didn’t make the cut:

– Mike and I discussing our mixture of proud and shame at owning these.
– Mike had a great line, in amongst the shoe shopping, that I wish I could have kept in (and still had it make sense.) He said we’re often “making coffee for ourselves” as an industry. Perhaps one for another time…

I hope you enjoy this one. The next one is going to be on aspects of producing coffee and should be really interesting too.

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Episode Three – Colin Harmon

I’m really proud of this particular episode, which actually seems a bit wrong considering Colin is the one saying all the interesting stuff. I think there is some incredibly important stuff covered in this, for baristas and for business owners.

Things we talk about:

– A great way to think about quality, and quality control
– A definition of innovation in coffee
– Tasting Vs Drinking and menus
– Service and how to treat VIPs
– Coffee’s best kept secret

I don’t want to present it like Colin is calling out the industry, but he does make some excellent points concerning where we’re falling down. In summary – well worth 30 minutes of your time!

I mentioned I’d put a couple of photos of the 3FE bar up and here they are: Photo 1 & Photo 2 (They’re quite big so apologies for slow loading)

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I’m sure I can drag Colin along if anyone has any questions or comments.


Episode Two – Dr Tim Schilling

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the first episode – there were a lot more of you than I expected.

I plan to jump around quite a lot with the guests, though there is a little thematic continuation from the last episode with Stephen.  It was great to get into a bit more detail about coffee research, as it is something most people are extremely interested in.

Dr Tim Schilling is the Executive Director of the GCQRI, and has worked in the past on the SPREAD Project in Rwanda, and is also Assistant Director of Enterprise Development at the Norman Borlaug Institute.

In this podcast we talk about

  • The status of the GCQRI right now (UPDATE: You should visit World Coffee Research, the organisation that evolved out of GCQRI)

  • How to get involved and support the GCQRI (WCR).

  • Advances in research on the potato defect

  • A new approach to cupping and sensory testing in speciality coffee

It is a little shorter than the last one, though we had a couple of issues with sound quality over skype – my apologies.  The next episode is already recorded, and is very different again.  I hope you all enjoy them.  Any questions then leave a comment!

The podcast feed url is here and also available on iTunes.


Episode One – Stephen Morrissey

I’ve decided to start a little podcast.  Be kind, it is my first venture into such things… The idea is, as I explain, pretty simple – call up a coffee person and talk about coffee stuff for a little while.

I promise a few things for subsequent shows – they will be a little shorter (the first is a touch over 40 minutes) and that I will get the audio quality up.  By making the format quite simple I’m hoping that I should be able to produce them fairly easily so there may well end up being more than one and I’ll obviously work to make them better each time too! 1

In this episode:  We talk about TED, Coffee Common and some of the ideas behind it.  We also talk about WBC judging, as well as thoughts on why people win barista competitions.  Other stuff too!

Note:  In the conversation Stephen mentions a website – the url for it has changed and can now be found at Coffee Common.

So, here it is – thoughts are welcome, questions and suggestions and all that stuff.  I hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE:  The podcast feed can be found here.

  1. As soon as it is up in iTunes I will let people know.  If that doesn’t happen before the next episode then I’ll post the RSS for the podcast as a temporary fix  ↩︎