Steve Jobs hates me

I do love my mac stuff, it makes me happy. Except my macbook. It clearly hates me. First the harddrive corrupts, I fix it then it dies a week later, and then last week my battery has gone mental and won’t discharge power. I feel it is mocking me. I will go back to posting real posts soon. Honest!

It Lives!

It lives! The laptop is finally alive again. The bad news is that on its way out not just e-mails were going bad, but also backups. I have lost just about everything including all my music, movies and every photo that I didn’t put up on flickr. From Tokyo to Colombia, from coffee stuff to personal stuff – all gone.
Quite depressed but perhaps it is one stop away from being a materialist, or something like that….

My laptop is dead

My laptop is dead or at least dying. I may be hard to contact for a bit, and quite inactive online. Also my mail program suffered a lot and it lied to me about sending emails. If you are waiting on something from me the please drop me a line – I am really sorry about this!