Variety Posters Now Available

The Coffee Variety Timeline Family Tree posters are now available!

Variety Poster Teaser

The shop is here:

A few key things to mention:

  • These are wholesale only from me at the moment, so come in units of 10. I just don’t have the logistical ability to sell single units. If you want a single poster (and I hope you do!) then hopefully they’ll be available online and in shops very soon.
  • Orders will ship out every Thursday.
  • Because of weird British postage, if you order 20 then they will be sent as two separate tubes. It is cheaper than putting 20 in one tube. (Don’t ask…)
  • If you want 50 or more then drop an email to so we can sort out a special rate for shipping.
  • Any questions then drop us an email.

Thank you for the support and interest in this – I hope you enjoy the posters!

Longberry 2 now available

Just a quick note that Longberry Issue 2 is now widely available. If you want to pick up a copy direct from us, or buy wholesale, then just head over here to the Longberry Store.

As before, there’s a digital download available (though you really want the physical of this issue…) When we’ve sold out all the physical copies then the digital will continue to be available.

We’re really proud of this issue, and I think it is a big step forward from the first. It’s going to not only interest you but also challenge you, whether you work in coffee or just enjoy drinking coffee. There’s an overview of the issue here.

As before: we produce the magazine without any advertising in it and pay our writers and contributors, and with your support we can continue this (very) occasional journal of coffee. If you want to write for us then email

Longberry Issue Two & A Dinner

Perhaps some of you doubted that Longberry would return for another issue. Perhaps some of you thought that the strap line of “An occasional journal of coffee” was a strange choice. Either way, I hope you’re pleased to hear that Longberry is returning!

Issue Two will be available very soon, shipped by us direct to your door and also available (we hope) at cafes, and places, all around the world. (Because this time it will be available wholesale also).

To celebrate the launch Longberry 1 are collaborating on a dinner with the rightly lauded chef of Silo in Brighton, Douglas McMaster. The dinner takes place during the weekend of the UK Brewers Cup, also taking place in Brighton this coming weekend.

Tickets for this dinner are still available, and they consist of an £8 donation to charity. Don’t let this absurdly low number fool you, this is going to be one of the most interesting dinners you could attend, if you’re in any way interested in coffee, sustainability and waste. (Carrots slow cooked in the heat of coffee compost anyone…?). Douglas is one of the most innovative, interesting chef in the UK and you should visit Silo if you get the chance.

Somehow there are some tickets left, and I strongly recommend you buy one. Adding on a train ticket and a hotel in Brighton won’t prevent this being a bargain. Tickets are here.

Back to the magazine: what can you expect in this issue? More stories from origin that never get told (reactions to this piece are going to be interesting…), plant sentience and coffee fighting back, an exploration of the forgotten fruit, and plenty more. We’re very proud of this issue, and I like how it has progressed from the last one. Right now we aren’t accepting wholesale or retail orders, but I will post again as soon as we are.



  1. I say Longberry, aware that the work is really being done by Editor Ben Szobody  ↩︎

A Coffee Variety Family Tree Timeline Poster

This is a little project I’ve been wanting to complete for a very long time. Working on the World Atlas of Coffee gave me the additional nudge to do the work.

I’m producing a poster that I thought would be useful, interesting and hopefully a little bit of fun. It is a Coffee Variety Family Tree Timeline poster. It shows a selection of the most common varieties, and how they connect to each other as well as when they came to be.

Selling the poster direct is not something I have the resources to do, so we’re going to be making it available wholesale only. This means it ships in multiples of 10 posters, 10 being the minimum order.

To help size the print run correctly I’m asking people to express interest by filling in the form below. This isn’t a commitment to buy, just an expression of interest.

We’d expect the poster to retail for about £10-12/$15-17, and it will be A1 sized (841mm/33 inches x 594mm/23inches). Wholesale pricing is going to be at least a 50% discount, and we’re working to make sure shipping worldwide is as cheap as possible. We’ll be in touch with you with more details soon.

Here’s an image of the poster:

Variety Poster Teaser

I’m delighted (and relieved) to get this to the point of completion, and hope people really like it! If you’re interested, or your cafe/roastery/bookshop/place of business is, then do please let me know below:

Brewers Cup Competition

Those of you who follow way to many coffee people on Twitter will probably be aware of the WCE (World Coffee Events) meeting in Dublin last week.  The WCE is a new banner organisation under which the current competitions now fall (WBC, Latte art, Cupping, Coffee in Good Spirits and Ibrik Comps).  There were a couple of new competitions announced, including the World Brewers Cup Competition.  Finally, many of us are thinking, a brewing competition!  I’m pretty excited about it, looking forward to hearing about the feedback and response from the upcoming US regionals.

I am not sure if there are plans to run it in the UK this year, if there are I will post the details.  (And probably enter too!)  If you want a quick video introduction to the competition then check out this video 1:

I’m sure it will generate some criticism for its format, but before people hate on it too much – can we at least try it first to see how it works? 2 Skepticism is fine (and to be encouraged to a point), but this is still being put together by the hard work of volunteers so if you have a better competition and are willing to give up your time then I am sure they’d be very pleased to hear from you.

I’m positive we’ll be seeing more details (rules, regs, scoresheets etc etc) coming out in the next few weeks, including information about the other competition which is the Roasting Competition!  Interesting stuff indeed!

UPDATE: Thanks to Oscar – the rules, regs and downloadables are to be found here.

UKBC Starts!

Talking of competition – the UK regionals kick off next week in the South East, which is being held on Monday and Tuesday in London.  (Details here).  Hopefully people will be coming down to hang out and support some entrants who’ve done the wise thing and made the effort to compete!  There are heats around the UK so come on out to support your friends/favourite baristas!  (I’m not judging this year, so won’t be at any of the other heats sadly.)

  1. Yes, I do seem to be in the video, but no – I had nothing to do with it  ↩︎
  2. This is not because I think the format is bad – more the reaction people often have to competition formats in general.  ↩︎

London Coffee Jobs Site update

About a year ago I registered a domain and set up a simple website called London Coffee Jobs. The idea was pretty simple – create a focused site that would help connect baristas and cafes in London. I knew (from my inbox) that they were looking for each other and struggling.

It quietly ran away in the background, and though it was set up to charge per job I let people post for free to see if it had value. Continue reading “London Coffee Jobs Site update”

UK Coffee Week

I know it is a little way off but I wanted to write something about the upcoming UK Coffee Week.  You can get a good idea of who is behind it, what the goals are, and what the first project is from the website.

I am involved as a trustee of the Allegra Foundation, and the roastery will be promoting it.  I should add that I’m a big fan of the way that the Foundation is currently funded – administrative costs come from seed funds, so none of the donations raised are spent on anything other than charitable work.

It is hard not to be excited by what is possible if 5p per cup of coffee sold for a week went to charity.  I hope people see the involvement of bigger companies as a positive thing in this context, and that they don’t allow this to put them off.  I strongly encourage people to get involved as I think this has great potential to do amazing things!

Excited and nervous

About this.

I look forward to making coffee for people, haven’t done that since I used to do the occasional shift on Gwilym’s cart on a Sunday.  I will post some pics up here, or on flickr, or on the Square Mile blog (or maybe all of them) soon.

Hopefully see some of you there soon!  Happy to answer any questions in the comments!


London Gastronomy – Cheese

I love cheese. Everyone loves cheese.  I don’t really, despite trying, really understand cheese.

Before I type cheese too many times I want to let people know that the next London Gastronomy Seminar is coming up and I am really quite excited about it.  There are more details here.

On a side note – Neal’s Yard Dairy are a company that I have a huge amount of respect for, not just because of the quality of their product but because they do such a great job of communicating it in their shop, and ultimately they are incredibly good at selling it.

There is lots to be learned here.  I hope to see you there!

Aida’s Grand Reserve

I am very much aware that promoting my own products or business on a personal blog very quickly spends any currency of goodwill that I might have built up.

There are, however, rare instances where I think it is entirely worth it and this is one of them. There is more information about the coffee on the product page, but we want to keep up the spirit of generosity of people like Aida Batlle and Gwilym and we want to raise as much money as we can.

You can read more about this coffee and what we are doing here. I hope you’ll consider buying a bag.

London Gastronomy Seminars – Wine & Coffee

This evening I had a lot of fun presenting at the London Gastronomy Seminars.  The topic was flavour in wine and coffee, and I was up after Jamie Goode, which is a hard act to follow!  Our topic was “Flavour – from plant to cup”

Jamie’s presentation was full of information and topics that could have become a presentation in their own right.  Talking to him before, and thinking about what he said during, I suspect I am going to get sucked into flavour perception all over again.  Not so much the mechanics of taste reception and gustation – but more what our brains choose to do with this information.  Perception rather than detection.

I should also add that the wine Jamie used for his talk was fascinating.  The best description I could have was it was like tasting a natural process, having only drunk washed coffees.  Jamie’s rather more eloquent notes on it can be found here.

I really do enjoy giving talks and a room full of 150+ people certainly delivers a little adrenaline rush.  (I shall make no secret of the fact that I would kill to talk at TED one day, so thoroughly jealous of Intelligentsia being involved this year! If you need a barista at all…..) That said – suddenly having to brew 16+ litres of coffee with a single filter brewer was a little challenging!

I talked a bit about coffee’s journey, dividing the narrative into four stages:  creation (growing)/processing/roasting/brewing.  I then served two coffees and tried to relate the flavours in the cup back through those four stages.  The Q&A from the audience at the end was inevitably my favourite bit, the range of questions was wonderful.  Unfortunately they were unable to film tonight’s event, and I don’t think putting the slides up would be very interesting.

I think the London Gastronomy Seminars are going to continue to grow and grow – there already seems to be a community forming of diverse and interesting people with a shared passion.  I look forward to the next one, and hopefully I’ll see you there!