My name is James Hoffmann, and this is my personal blog about coffee. I am the World Barista Champion 2007, having won the UK Barista competition in both 2006 & 2007.

I currently focused on Square Mile Coffee Roasters, and working with our wholesale clients on training, education and business development takes up much of my working day.  However I still continue to be involved in various aspects the industry.

I have a tumblr account for the non-coffee stuff, my flickr account is here and while I am on Facebook it is probably the worst way to get in touch with me.

Before you email me

I should point out the following:  

- I don’t sell space/advertising/links on this blog.  

-If you work for a PR company don’t send me your press release – blanket mailing does irreparable damage to your customer’s relationship with the public.  Stop it.

- I am unlikely to write about any products sent, simply because you’ve sent it to me.

- While this blog exists to share information, I am unable to provide the services of a consultant for free. If you require that I provide you consultancy and information, then I shall return your enquiry with a quotation. While I enjoy sharing knowledge I must value my time and work, so please do not be offended if I send you a quote.

- Google is an effective search engine, as is DuckDuckGo should you wish to avoid the Google machine. I do not have time to answer emails with questions that could easily be answered with an online search.

If your email is just a general query or question then please allow me a little time to respond, I get a lot of email and try to process as quickly as possible.