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My name is James Hoffmann, and I’ve been writing about coffee here since 2004.

I’m interested great coffee for more people, regardless of whether you work in the industry or just enjoy a cup in the mornings.

I work in the coffee industry – I’m the Managing Director of Square Mile Coffee Roasters, a small roasting company in London. I also run Coffee Jobs Board, a site build to connect people with opportunities in the industry.

I’m also involved with other companies as a shareholder, as a collaborator or a consultant.

I wrote The World Atlas of Coffee, which was published in 2014.

I was the World Barista Champion in 2007.


I’m always happy to receive emails from people who find me here. Before you do, there’s a couple of FAQ-type answers:

  • This blog is ad free. I don’t sell advertising space on it, and I don’t plan to in the future.
  • I don’t write paid reviews. I don’t review coffee either, as I see it as a conflict of interest.
  • To answer some questions I get properly, it requires the time and effort that would classify it as a form of consultation. If I feel this is the case I’ll let you know when I reply.
  • Sometimes it takes me a little while to respond. I get a lot of email, and I try not to let email be the most important thing I do on any given day.
  • I don’t post infographics here, nor guest posts, nor projects happening on Kickstarter. Please don’t email about this.
  • I really like short emails.

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