Coffee Blogs I’m Reading

Coffee Blogs I’m Reading

There was a question on twitter the other day asking what coffee blogs I’m reading, and I think the answer probably requires a blog post. In the past I’ve posted enormous, long lists of blogs that I subscribe to but that probably isn’t helpful if you want to add a couple more to your reading list or go back through the archives of a couple to learn some stuff.

I’m going to presume that most people are following both Sprudge and Dear Coffee, I Love You.

Edit: I should have included Roast Magazine’s Daily Coffee News in this. (An embarrassing omission!)

Cafe Owners:

I would recommend following along with Kaffeine’s blog, a cafe in London whose weekly menu blog post has evolved into an ongoing insight into the world of running a busy, successful cafe.

Colin Harmon’s blog straddles this and as well as wider industry stuff and should be followed too.

Maxwell at Colonna and Smalls also writes often about the ideas and challenges of communicating and serving great coffee, so subscribe to this.

Edit: Forgot to add the Prufrock blog to this list.

Coffee Industry:

After a brief hiatus the Coffee Lands blog is back. Subscribe. Learn.

Kevin Knox’s blog is great, because it is opinionated and challenging. Do I agree with everything he writes? Actually a surprising amount, but calling it Coffee Contrarian wouldn’t be the best name for it if everyone was supposed to agree with it.


I also enjoy the rants in between the trip reports over at TheShot, I disagree with him a lot, get exasperated and annoyed by it occasionally but what’s the point of reading things that simply confirm your views rather than challenge them?

On the review front – a different approach and a stunning blog worth following or hunting through if you’re travelling is frshgrnd. An eye for design, great photos.

Finally I’d recommend following Mike White’s tumblr, which contains simple reviews and brutal honest about the coffee he drinks each day.

What did I miss?

I miss the days of google reader, which would allow me to organise my list by how regularly they posted and then I’d unsubscribe from dormant blogs. These days my list of blogs in the RSS reader has dropped massively from the days of 150+, but it feels like there just isn’t that much being written out there.

If I missed something then tweet me a link! My only request is that you link active, not dormant, blogs that write interesting stuff. If I have missed someone painfully obvious then I will update the blog post and apologise profusely…