Arabica: Origin to Extinction

One of the best bits of my Symposium this year was working with some of the speakers in the run up to this.  My role on stage was to introduce and to host a couple of panel debates, and also try to offer some insight into the Symposium to those talking there for the first time.  I had to try to understand the topics sufficiently to ask pertinent questions on stage.

Conveniently, Professor Aaron Davis is in London and I was fortunate enough to host him for an afternoon of coffee drinking and talking about various coffea species.  He’s the Head of Rubiaceae Team at Kew Gardens, and an incredibly approachable expert in his field.  I learned a staggering amount that afternoon, and I was excited to hear him give this talk at Symposium.

I cannot recommend enough that you put 20 minutes aside to watch this video, it is a really, really great presentation – and if you pay attention I guarantee you’ll learn some fascinating things:

Keep an eye on the SCAA’s Symposium Youtube Channel for new videos that they’ll be releasing over the next few months…