As long as you’re sure

October 31st, 2012

So, you work in the coffee industry?  Think about when you went out for coffee the other day.  You were watching the barista, and his technique was a little sloppy.  He wasn’t really paying attention to his dosing and you noticed his shots were a little inconsistent.  Then you noticed he was pulling them just a little short too.  So you decided to get a drip brew of some sort.

You looked at the coffee they had, and the bag looked like it had been open for a couple of days.  The coffee itself was nearly a year off the tree, so you were a little hesitant, and even more so when the barista didn’t know the variety and process right off the top of their head.  Regardless, you ordered a brew and watched as they dispensed the brew water into their kettle, and then clearly let it cool down a degree or two too far.

Then you realised that you only noticed this stuff because you work in coffee, and you know about it all. It means that it is really hard not to nitpick what the baristas are doing. You set yourself up for disappointment before you had tasted the coffee…

We need to educate our customers…

We talk about “educated” consumers as if they’re the solution to all our problems.  You definitely want your customers to think about coffee the way you do when you go out for coffee?

As long as you’re sure…

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