A few final NBC thoughts

August 17th, 2012

I know I’ve posted a bunch of stuff about the NBC but I thought I’d write a quick final summary with some thoughts on the event.  This year was my 4th NBC (’06, ’07, ’11 and ’12) and it has been interesting to see the evolution in the event over time (I am by no means a veteran of the NBC).

I remember vividly ’06 and ’07, feeling a mixture of sadness and jealousy that I would never get to be on a team at the NBC.  Back then it was a team focused event and as an observer you got to sneak in and look behind the curtain and get to soak up the same talks.  I think the NBC has changed to cater to what we need as an industry – a forum for discussion, for fun and for learning.  The team competition has definitely receded compared to the talks and tastings.  How this will evolve into next year I don’t know – but I think the NBC is increasing in value every year.  I should probably note that this year felt a little more mature than previous years (a little less silly and messy).  Maybe we’re all getting old…

While I am guilty of this in the past, I should take issue with the fact that many people complain that the NBC is too expensive.  To be fed three meals a day, to be taken around a city, to have access to great talks and tastings and to have access to a great deal of free beer to facilitate conversation – €700 suddenly looks pretty reasonable!  (Next year’s tickets are actually about €650 at the moment too!)

I’m going to post a final talk (and I feel bad for not posting all the talks!) – I think it was my favourite of the three days because it was a quintessential NBC experience.  Tim Wendelboe’s talk was super interesting.  Tonnes of info, engaging and fun to listen to.  Very Wendelboe in style too.  I thoroughly enjoyed it but it was made truly fascinating because we got to cup the coffees he was talking about straight after the lecture, and you could wander up to Tim after and ask a bunch of extra questions.  It was educational, it was interesting, it was tasty and it was fun.  Which is why I will be back next year…

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