Tamper Tantrum Live – my talk

Hopefully you’ve all watched Colin’s excellent talk I posted a little while back. If not then do so now – it is here. Today Steve posted mine up. It is very similar to the talk I gave at SCAA’s Symposium – but a little longer and you can see the images that went along with it. 1

People’s thoughts and feedback on the topic are very welcome – what is also exciting is how many more great talks there are to come from the day!

  1. And yes – I have a Sprudge t-shirt!  ↩︎

7 thoughts on “Tamper Tantrum Live – my talk

  1. I’m not a business owner, but I am a coffee lover and a customer and sadly, a customer who has had to endure lots of bad service. You really notice and value good service when it’s offered. I’ve found some great service here my favourite coffee haunts around Vancouver and Victoria, Canada., and that service is a huge part of why I frequent them.
    Great insights. Spot on.

  2. Couldn’t agree more on this “we need to educate the customer” nonsense. I see this approach in wine all the time and it is a DISASTER.

  3. This was useful and good to hear. It puts more of the responsibility for positive customer interactions where it belongs.

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