Tamper Tantrum Live – Colin Harmon

So a couple of weekends ago I popped over to Dublin to take part in Tamper Tantrum Live – organised by Steve Leighton and Colin Harmon. There were to be a bunch of short presentations on whatever the speakers found interesting.

The idea is that with more events there will be a library of interesting TED style talks on all things coffee.

Steve has started to release the talks in the order of the day, and kicking off the event was Colin Harmon whose talk I would consider absolutely essential for anyone thinking about opening a shop. (It was a very hard act to follow – Colin is a great speaker).

I’ll be reposting all the talks on here as they are released because I think they are all worth watching!

You can also download an iphone app which is a great way to subscribe to the talks as they’re released in the future.

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  1. Petros Kolyvas

    Thanks for posting this James.

    I don’t work in a café, nor do I plan on ever owning one. 

    However, as a small business owner, much of what’s said here (in quite the entertaining fashion) would apply equally well to most small business owners and I hope that much in the way Collin speaks of sharing knowledge within the “coffee” business ecosystem – small, independent businesses can share similar ideas. 

    Some of the salient points, “pick your game,” “good people,” and “set a trap” apply well beyond the paradigm of cafés. 

    More importantly, Collin’s emphasis on the type of customer experience offered is something most businesses should take to heart.

    And “Have Fun?” – essential for navigating the rough waters of independent ownership and operation. 

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