Episode Four – Mike Phillips

March 13th, 2011

Very pleased I could grab Mike for a little while to have a chat about stuff. I’ll confess that I decided to edit this one down quite a bit. I said from the beginning that I wanted these to be about 30 minutes, and I want to stick to that.

In this episode:

- What he’s been up to this year
- Barista training
- Arguing about espresso brewing
- Just a little bit on barista competition

Things that didn’t make the cut:

- Mike and I discussing our mixture of proud and shame at owning these.
- Mike had a great line, in amongst the shoe shopping, that I wish I could have kept in (and still had it make sense.) He said we’re often “making coffee for ourselves” as an industry. Perhaps one for another time…

I hope you enjoy this one. The next one is going to be on aspects of producing coffee and should be really interesting too.

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