Episode Three – Colin Harmon

March 6th, 2011

I’m really proud of this particular episode, which actually seems a bit wrong considering Colin is the one saying all the interesting stuff. I think there is some incredibly important stuff covered in this, for baristas and for business owners.

Things we talk about:

- A great way to think about quality, and quality control
- A definition of innovation in coffee
- Tasting Vs Drinking and menus
- Service and how to treat VIPs
- Coffee’s best kept secret

I don’t want to present it like Colin is calling out the industry, but he does make some excellent points concerning where we’re falling down. In summary – well worth 30 minutes of your time!

I mentioned I’d put a couple of photos of the 3FE bar up and here they are: Photo 1 & Photo 2 (They’re quite big so apologies for slow loading)

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I’m sure I can drag Colin along if anyone has any questions or comments.


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