Episode Two – Dr Tim Schilling

February 27th, 2011

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the first episode – there were a lot more of you than I expected.

I plan to jump around quite a lot with the guests, though there is a little thematic continuation from the last episode with Stephen.  It was great to get into a bit more detail about coffee research, as it is something most people are extremely interested in.

Dr Tim Schilling is the Executive Director of the GCQRI, and has worked in the past on the SPREAD Project in Rwanda, and is also Assistant Director of Enterprise Development at the Norman Borlaug Institute.

In this podcast we talk about

- The status of the GCQRI right now

- How to get involved and support the GCQRI – click here.

- Advances in research on the potato defect

- A new approach to cupping and sensory testing in speciality coffee

It is a little shorter than the last one, though we had a couple of issues with sound quality over skype – my apologies.  The next episode is already recorded, and is very different again.  I hope you all enjoy them.  Any questions then leave a comment!

The podcast feed url is here and also available on iTunes.


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