Brewers Cup Competition

January 22nd, 2011

Those of you who follow way to many coffee people on Twitter will probably be aware of the WCE (World Coffee Events) meeting in Dublin last week.  The WCE is a new banner organisation under which the current competitions now fall (WBC, Latte art, Cupping, Coffee in Good Spirits and Ibrik Comps).  There were a couple of new competitions announced, including the World Brewers Cup Competition.  Finally, many of us are thinking, a brewing competition!  I’m pretty excited about it, looking forward to hearing about the feedback and response from the upcoming US regionals.

I am not sure if there are plans to run it in the UK this year, if there are I will post the details.  (And probably enter too!)  If you want a quick video introduction to the competition then check out this video 1:

I’m sure it will generate some criticism for its format, but before people hate on it too much – can we at least try it first to see how it works? 2 Skepticism is fine (and to be encouraged to a point), but this is still being put together by the hard work of volunteers so if you have a better competition and are willing to give up your time then I am sure they’d be very pleased to hear from you.

I’m positive we’ll be seeing more details (rules, regs, scoresheets etc etc) coming out in the next few weeks, including information about the other competition which is the Roasting Competition!  Interesting stuff indeed!

UPDATE: Thanks to Oscar – the rules, regs and downloadables are to be found here.

UKBC Starts!

Talking of competition – the UK regionals kick off next week in the South East, which is being held on Monday and Tuesday in London.  (Details here).  Hopefully people will be coming down to hang out and support some entrants who’ve done the wise thing and made the effort to compete!  There are heats around the UK so come on out to support your friends/favourite baristas!  (I’m not judging this year, so won’t be at any of the other heats sadly.)

  1. Yes, I do seem to be in the video, but no – I had nothing to do with it  ↩︎
  2. This is not because I think the format is bad – more the reaction people often have to competition formats in general.  ↩︎

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