New design for the blog

December 22nd, 2010

The time had come for a redesign of this site, and a move away from free wordpress templates towards something custom. Feedback is, of course, very welcome. I’ve tried to make sure a few bits of previous feedback were incorporated such as having recent comments nice and clear on the front page.

Post pages are, I hope, simple and readable. Comments (which are a massive part of why I write this thing) are also a little more readable and clear. Any bugs then let me know (unless you are on IE 6 1, in which case I am sorry, terribly sorry).

Looking forward to the Christmas break, as I have a tonne of draft stuff I need to post. In the meantime – why not cast your vote in the Absurd Latte Art Contest II.

UPDATE: For clarity – I did not do the design work here. I was merely a tyrannical and irritating client.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Full credit to Lawrence Brown for the design work.

  1. I know some people are stuck with this browser at work, but I probably shouldn’t condone reading my ramblings during working hours….  ↩︎

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