GCQRI Day One – Expected Outcomes

More on presentations coming after this. I did want to share the expected outcomes of this congress – just for transparency, and also to clarify the structure of the days:

1. To achieve shared clarity on the problem – a challenged supply of quality coffee and a paucity of research related to coffee quality.
2. To achieve shared clarity on the benefits of the Collaborative R&D model to industry, and on GCQRI as a feasible solution to coffee’s looming supply problems.
3. To present and gather input on key components of GCQRI model: the financing mechanism, structure and governance, and research priorities.
4 . To expand industry involvement and identify clear next steps in the areas of: raising awareness of the program; launching Temporary Task Forces around financing, structure and governance, and research priorities; increasing GCQRI’s funding base and funding opportunities.

Day one is mostly focused on points 1 & 2 – getting everyone on the same page so we’re more effective when it comes to points 3 & 4.

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