WBC Scoresheets and Transparency

September 27th, 2010

Those of you following Colin Harmon’s blog – and if you don’t you should, as it’s excellent – will have noticed that Colin has uploaded his WBC scoresheets for all to see online.

While we were travelling together earlier in the month Colin, Gwilym and I chatted about uploading our scoresheets. I said that I’d upload mine if he uploaded his – and I think Gwilym is up for it too.

I wanted to upload the ones from Tokyo, but I honestly can’t find them. If anyone reading has a copy then please let me know/post a link in the comments! What I did find were my sheets from Berne. They are available to download as a zip of 7 jpg images.

I should add some commentary to these particular sheets:

[download id="1"]

This was one of the greatest learning experiences of my career. I walked offstage a mixture of happy, proud and also despondent at the knowledge that I didn’t really understand espresso and I really didn’t feel in control of it. I felt that I hadn’t served the shots I wanted to, but didn’t know enough to fix the problems I had had.

My signature drink was (quite rightly) savaged. It might have been innovative in its presentation but it wasn’t delicious and too much was (and had to be) prepared ahead of time.

All of the low scores I got, I deserved – no question.

I should also add that the rules were quite different then, as you can see from the scoresheets.

So why upload the sheets? I think it is interesting, I think (hope anyway) that it makes competition more accessible. I also see no reason why the judges should not be open to the same public scrutiny as the baristas. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that it would probably improve the scoresheets (on average) of judges if they knew that they would be a matter of public record. I’ve only judged around 100 competitors but I’d certainly have no objection to them uploading what I wrote/how I scored.

I also invite anyone else who has access to their scoresheets to upload them online – doesn’t matter which competition, how far they got, or where they placed. If you do please post a link in the comments. I know I wish I could have seen more scoresheets before I competed the first time.

Once again – all respect to Colin for going first, and hopefully setting a precedent that others will follow.

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