A Friday Afternoon Experiment

August 28th, 2010

Recently we’ve been talking about replacing the temperature probe on the roaster. The discussion came up about probe placement, and where would be best. Our UG-15 is something of a difficult roaster in this respect, because the fins on the drum pass very close to the front wall meaning you can’t get a probe very deep.

John, a constant source of good ideas, came up with a plan. We could take the front door of the roaster off, replace it with perspex, throw some coffee in and see where the bean mass was most easily measured.

I have to say that being able to do stuff like this, working with people excited to geek out and experiment, and have fun while doing it makes me very happy!

We had some coffee that was going to be trashed as there had been a gas pressure issue early on in the roast so we’d dumped it. (In case you are wondering why the coffee in the roaster is such a funny colour!) We learned a lot from our little experiment – and it was fun too!

I threw together a few clips from video I shot as we were doing it because I thought other people might find it interesting. Not included in the short are several of the trial and error attempts!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that because the perspex didn’t fit super tight there was some massing of the beans where the movement was clearly restricted compared to how the would be moving when the roaster was in normal operation.

(Music: “Do the Astral Plane” by Flying Lotus)

I look forward to more experiments!

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