Tea cups

August 23rd, 2010

I was at Tea Smith yesterday and I was very much enjoying the tea I was drinking, and the owner remarked that they were his favourite cups to drink from. “The lip” he said, “disappears!”

So I grabbed 7 of them and took them in to work.  We’d talked about sourcing tea cups for Penny University for certain coffees (like the Yirgacheffe) where we thought a cup could really enhance it.

Having tried brewed coffee (and enjoyed it very much) I couldn’t help but want to try espresso…

It was really, really good.  Embarrassingly good – you couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious drinking from the cups – but true to John’s word – the lip disappeared.

A few thoughts in my head to finish – because this is really just a fun little post:

1 – We really need to explore the vessels we serve coffee in.  I like owning diner mugs a lot more than I like drinking out of them.  I know it has been brought up before, but we still haven’t really done much

2 – As Tim would point out:  Is there any way you could get something like this into service without coming across as being incredibly pretentious?

3 – I now want to buy lots of different tea cups.  I worry this could get expensive.  If anyone has any recommendations I’d be interested!

4 – The disappearing lip thing is one of the reasons I really hate hot espresso cups.  I don’t want to notice the cup, and a scorching hot cup is really quite a distraction.  I also really enjoy espresso when I barely notice its temperature – when it is close enough to body temperature that all you thinking about is texture and flavour.  This may also seem a little pretentious but I’ll survive…

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