My favourite menu

July 25th, 2010

It isn’t often that a menu fills you with joy.  The current menu at Prufrock, however, does make me very happy, and probably a bit jealous at the same time.  There is so much I like about.

First of all – the simplicity.  How can you not like a menu with only 5 items?

Secondly – the honesty.  As an industry we struggle and utterly fail to define the drinks we serve.  What is a flat white?  What exactly is a latte?  We can barely agree on exactly how the espresso at the bottom of each drink is defined, let alone the rest of the recipe.

I like that the words cappuccino, latte and flat white have gone.  This morning I went and I wanted a 6oz milk drink.  Some would call it a cappuccino, while others would say that it is too strong or didn’t have enough foam.  But I got exactly what I ordered and the combination of carefully brewed espresso and well steam milk is delicious.  I was utterly delighted by it.

In fact whatever combination of coffee and milk that I enjoy – I can probably find it on this menu, which is quite incredible when you think about how complicated some menus get when trying to cover all the bases.  Apart from oversized drinks – is there anything you’d want that  you couldn’t get from this?

Some people, perhaps those across the Atlantic, might be surprised at how small the drinks on sale are.  I had to smile when Gwilym told me that now that he has a 6oz takeaway cup he feels the 8oz is too big…

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