The change when coffee cools

July 20th, 2010

My last post on this generated some amazing comments, for which I am very grateful.  It has also meant I’ve been talking about and thinking about the change in flavour when coffee cools quite a lot recently.

Something dawned on me – I can’t think of another beverage that goes through such a huge change. (And I’m very much open to suggestion here!)  Sure, wine breathes and changes, tea changes as it cools but you don’t get this massive shift in flavour, taste and mouthfeel that some great coffees can offer.  This is something unique and enjoyable about brewed coffee.

So why don’t we talk about this more?  This is interesting! I don’t mean amongst ourselves as an industry, but to customers.  While it does get harder to notice with the addition of condiments, it still seems like a relatively easy promise to make that you can be confident will come true.  It has been something I’ve been talking to people more about, and while they may not always agree with me about exactly how the coffee changes (also a good thing) – they do always remark at how much it changed.

Could we use this better, as an industry?  To those who drink coffee at home – is that change in flavour an enjoyable part of the coffee experience, or merely something that happens in the background while you drink your delicious coffee?

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