too much to think about

April 22nd, 2010

Just a short post really. Things are strange, as I am typing this on a flight to San Francisco. The volcano stranded me in the US and the lack of spaces on flights back to the UK means I am in the US for a week longer than planned.
The SCAA symposium and show deserve a post of their own, and the ideas shared in the many conversations I had are so numerous I may be writing about them for weeks. Or maybe not. One effect of the intensity of the show, and its social nature, is the feeling of being all talked out. Not just my voice starting to go (which it was) but the need to stop talking about things and to go and do them. It is easy to talk ideas around and around, harder to implement them and learn from them. Expect a formal announcement about our plans on the Square Mile blog very soon, but we’re very excited to share our plans and gaols.
So onwards I travel, hoping to make the best of my time to learn and be inspired. If you see an awkward, camera wielding Brit in and around your shop do say hello…

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