Mojo To Go

April 9th, 2010

Since Mike White called me out on this I thought I’d post quickly about my experience so far with the ExtractMojo iPhone app “MojoToGo“.

I bought the apps as soon as I saw David’s post about them – I had known something was coming for a little while, but had just been a bit smothered in work stuff.

So far I have to say it’s great.  What has been most useful has been the ability to save and email recipes with notes about the coffee – something that I really need right now!  I’ve been working on syphons quite a lot recently, trying to find the simplest route to tastiness.  The geek in me loves complex technique, but a bigger part of me likes elegent, simple solutions – not just from an aesthetic point of view but also for repeatability.

I’ve been trying to do some cupping bowl experiments, but I’ve found this much trickier – there is continued extraction after the break, so the question is (in my head): when do we want a cupping bowl to hit its peak of extraction?  Just after the break? At 10 minutes? At 20?  I’ve pretty much discounted my previous cupping bowl tests, as my methodology was stupid – but I plan to repeat the experiment after SCAA – will post anything interesting I get from the results. Along with a big post about cupping in general that I keep meaning to write.

I’ve gotten off topic a bit – the iPhone app is great, the new bundle means the entry price point has come down and metering both espresso and brewed coffee is cheaper too.  This is a good thing – my only complaint: you can’t buy apps for other people.  It would be nice if you could buy the app for staff – but this is Apple’s fault, not Vince’s!


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