A very, very quick poll

I’d really appreciate it if you could answer this poll, because it seems like something I ought to know/would be interesting know:

Do you work in coffee?

  • Yes, I do indeed work in the coffee industry! - (56%, 594 Votes)
  • No, I don't work in the coffee industry - I just like coffee! - (44%, 472 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,066

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Even if you are just stopping by, or reading in your feed reader – I’d be very grateful of a quick click.

Thank you.

13 Comments A very, very quick poll

  1. Magnus Helin

    Should’ve had the third alternative “No, I don’t work in the coffee industry – but I want to!”

  2. James Hoffmann

    If I start down this route then we could end up with the “My cousin’s friend’s girlfriend once had a summer job at Starbucks. I think” option…..

    …. and I for one am not prepared to go there. Not at all, sir.

  3. James Hoffmann

    By coffee industry I suppose my broad definition would be “You earn from the sale of coffee, or coffee related goods”.

  4. Nate

    I’m not as involved as I WILL be someday :) I started a coffee video blog a year ago, and I am learning more and more every day. Within 3-5 years I will open my own coffee shop with in-house roasting!

  5. Carl

    I kind of do, in the way that I write often about how to make good coffee, and I constantly experiment and make comparisons, etc.

  6. Elise

    I have a passion for coffee. It is such an adventure everyday to try new coffees. I have 8 shots before noon. How could I not? It is like working in a candy store for coffee. Our website carries so many amazing roasters who really care about the farmers and take amazing pride in what they do. We get to share their coffee with everyone. This is my life. Time for another shot! Stay Caffeinated!

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