March 15th, 2010

My brain is full of questions at the moment, and I thought I’d post (vent) some of them on the off chance that anyone reading them has any answers.

- Chaff in ground coffee: is there an easy way to get rid of it?  Does the coffee taste very different afterwards? The roll and blow method is quite messy.

- Should coffee definitely spend time in reposo, or are we just roasting super fresh crop coffees wrong? I’ve tasted coffees that have been described as being too fresh (a bit green) and have seen that taste drop back over a few weeks.  Is this a raw product thing or a roast profile thing?

- Is there any solid research/explanation of why we bloom when we brew pourover? A bit like spinning the tamper to polish, this is something I started doing because other people started doing it.  I am sure there is some solid thinking behind blooming (certainly compared to the spinny polish thing) – I just wonder if much formal work has been done.

- Could you fit some form of flow restrictors into pouring kettles? (I’ve had interesting data and flow restriction results wedging a k-type probe down the front of my buono spout.)

- Speaking of pouring kettles, is it me or is it really easy to brew under temp with them?

- Seeing as how chocolate has a similar model to coffee, more so than wine, should we look at it a bit more for inspiration? Or is the communication and spread of knowledge and genuine information about speciality chocolate (I am sure they have a better term) behind that of coffee?

- Cupping:  what temperature should the liquid be at the start of brewing?  at what point in the cupping brew time should the extraction reach the 19-20% mark? Do coffees taste better as they cool because they are continuing to extract? Should you start temperature influence when you break?  The Uber makes me wonder about the temperature thing.

- Honey process.  This is clearly a much tastier name than pulped natural, how long before everyone starts using it?

- Any idea how I can organise the Naturals Debate post into something a little easier to digest?

There are many other questions, but I am not complaining – questions are the best bit of coffee.

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