A few videos worth watching

January 27th, 2010

You may well have seen these videos – but just in case I thought I’d post a few up that I’ve enjoyed recently:

First up a fun video from the Norwegian crew who came to visit London and did the whole Disloyalty Card in a day.  Epic, heroic quantities of caffeine consumed!  Quite how they managed to cup with us halfway through the day remains a mystery.  I’m almost jealous of their coffee constitutions:

Next up are a couple of videos (the first two of a trilogy) focusing on brewing in Intelligentsia’s Venice store.  The desaturation of everything but the coffee ought to be really cheesey, but I think it works really well.  It also makes me want a massive 5 cup syphon!

All these videos kind of make me want to start videoblogging again, but more likely I will do something like a brew guide video.  The aeropress has been looking at me funny – perhaps time for me to take it on!

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