A little project

January 6th, 2010

I am not one for New Year resolutions.  I certainly have some goals for this year, but that doesn’t feel like the same thing.

However, I have embarked on one little project – and they say that committing in public increases the chances of your success – hence this post.  It is based on one question, that anyone who works in coffee gets asked A LOT:

So, how many coffees do you drink a day then?

I know this question gets some people very angry, perhaps rightfully so. 1 One thing I did realise is that every time I answered it was a different answer.  I didn’t really know.  Using this year as my data pool I intend to find out.  I’ll be logging every cup of coffee to see how much coffee, and what exactly, I drink.

Having thought about it I won’t be including any diagnostic tastings/dialling-in sips or cuppings into this.  While it does certainly add to the caffeine intake they aren’t coffees I am choosing to drink for pleasure.  Whether or not people are interested I don’t know. (I have my suspicions) Nevertheless – I have found a nice way of cataloguing and presenting the data so I might do a progress post at the end of the month.

  1. If you are reading this and have asked someone in the industry this question, don’t worry – nothing wrong with it, it is probably the first thing I would ask if I didn’t work in coffee.  I did catch myself asking a pastry chef how many cakes they eat a day….  ↩︎

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