6 thoughts on “WBC Website

  1. Hi James,

    yeah definitely will be there.

    What about the entry? are ‘normal’ (no cafe, no company, not in the industry) people allowed in as spectators for free or are they charged? just curious how it all works to be honest.


  2. Anyone know what the semi finals round on the 3rd day is and how many people this is? Does this mean the finalists will go 3 times total this year? Is this a new format?

  3. This is a new format. 12 go through to a semi-final (I think), and perform in the morning. Then results and finals in the afternoon. It’s gonna be tough! Should be good though – I think it is fair because the top 10 is always so close, so adding a round makes sense.

  4. Hi James,

    ‘it is a tiny little bit more work’

    meaning? will I have to say that I’m from some company to get in like I did during the 2008 Olympia show or do you have to earn it somehow?


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