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May 15th, 2009

I had a brief moment to dig into a couple of books and was pleased to come across the following passage in  Coffee: Recent Developments  that was very kindly sent to me by Jim Schulman.

Maier (1985) 1  compared the chemical composition of traditional and fast roasted coffees, using samples of similar roast colour, and found that the water-soluble extract (soluble solids) increased as the roasting time decreased.  The content of specific substances (such as saccharose) changed with the roasting, indicating that chemical compositions of traditional and fast roasted coffee are similar but not identical.  As expected, fine grind of coffee samples led to an increased amount of extract.  Interestingly the difference in the soluble yield between traditional and fast roasted coffee was dimished by fine grinding. This supports the thesis that fast roasted coffee shows increased brew strength due to structural but not chemical changes.

I hope to have some time this weekend to look at a few more things, I just wanted to keep the debate going.  There is some more info on bean swelling that I want to post up too.

  1. Maier, H.G. (1985) Zur Zusammensetzung kurzzeitgerosteter Kaffees. Lebensmittelchem. Gerichtl. Chem., 39, 25-9  ↩︎

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