A silly vacpot brew

March 22nd, 2009

I make no apologies for coveting the fancy halogen heaters people are using for their syphon bars around the world.  Frustratingly they all seem to be weird voltages – 110v – and thus useless to me.

Anette had an old 1000W photography lamp around – I’ve used it in the past for high speed espresso droplet shots – and I’ve noticed it gets quite hot.  My inner child suggested I should use it to make a vacpot.  So I did.

It kicked up surprisingly quickly!

There isn’t much temperature control – just on and off.  This was about amusement and not taste so I left it on.  It probably ran a little hot in the top chamber.

I usually like to hover over the vacpot – enjoying the shifting smell and getting info on the brew’s progression.  1,000W of light shining up at you makes this hard to do!

The brightness of the lamp makes the other shots look like they were taken at night, not in a bright sunny roastery.  It didn’t taste great.  At least I could open my eyes properly.

This has left me thinking about how hard it would be to construct a simple halogen heater.  Anyone tried it?  Has to be cheaper than buying one no? Advice, warnings, suggestions for future eye protection and circuit diagrams all welcome in the comments…

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