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Back in 2007, as I was preparing for the WBC, I decided I wanted to do something interesting with the music.  I’m guessing a few of you have probably heard the music I ended up with but I thought I’d post up something else.

I have a weak spot for a childish mashup, and so I got in touch with a DJ whose mixes I like and asked him for 15 minutes of music for a coffee competition.  I didn’t give much other instruction and I am very grateful for what he sent though it turned out to be a bit too coffee heavy for practical use.

Still – it is a bit of fun, and a diverting and silly 15 minutes of music.

[Download now removed]

Check out some of his other mixes here.

On a sidenote – if anyone can name the entire tracklist (and I really don’t expect anyone to) then I’ll send them a load of coffee.


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  1. Tristan

    I used the Frank Sinatra track in my set last year, didn’t do me a lot of good mind you!

    Violent Femmes, Prince, Beastie Boys, Audioslave, Bee Gee’s (Java Talking?!), The Strokes, Walker Brothers, Macy Gray, Blur… that’s probably not even half of them though.

  2. Nik

    i was making my own music for tokyo and copenhagen performance, didnt do god for me cos judges were not listening to music at all, i was programing all, and times, and voices such as electro voice cappuccino to tell me when is what etc…anyway, i still have emulator 3, if you need music, here i am…
    all the best james…

  3. Frisovander Mei

    I remember you putting the 2007 WBC music on the blog…..
    found all of them exept the 50 ways to leave your lover remix it was gone before i could up load it. That was some quality music during your outstanding presentation!

    I love your weekly (or more) posts as soon as my RSS drops the line I leave all thing for what they are and sit down to enjoy.

    couldn’t resist to unravel the coffee mix……
    with a little help from my Iphone….
    Keep up the good work!

    1 Jazzanova: Coffee talk
    Rap: MC Lyte: cappucino
    2 Frank Sinatra :the Coffee song
    3 Ameri: 1 thing
    5 Prince: Starfish & coffee
    6 Violent Femmes: Blister in the Sun
    7 King biscuit: I walked the Earth
    8 Toots and the Maytals: Funky Kingston
    Vocals Beasty boys : Intercalactic
    9 Sound Garden: Black hole sun
    10 Bee Gees: Jive talking
    11 The strokes: Last nite
    vocals Denis leary: coffee
    12 Walker brothers: the sun ain’t gonna shine any more
    13 Spanky Wilson: Kissing my love
    vocals: Kelis: Milkshake
    14 Raven-simone: in your Skin
    15 Don Caballero: you drink a lot of coffee for a teenager
    16 Blur: Coffee and TV, (DJ?) swift rock remix
    Fade out

  4. Andrew Lopez

    That mix made me laugh. I cannot imagine competing to that mix. However it did remind me of a song one of my friends from Florida sent me. Taylor the Latte Boy. I hope it brings as much laughter to you as it did to me. As far as music to compete to for me. I don’t know that it gets much better than Kaki King or Jon Brion.

  5. Cavite Blog

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