New Slayer Espresso machine

I posted about it in the predictions round up post, and judging from the number of clickthroughs it seemed many people hadn’t been aware of the project.

After Nick Cho posted a spy photo on coffeed, it seems to have pushed them into post pics of the machine themselves.

Really looking forward to hearing more about this one.  I am sure I am not the only one with high expectations!

Check out more of the pictures here.


  1. James, if you want to come on over to Edmonton, we will take a drive down to Fratello Coffee and you can play with the Slayer, hands on. I am sure Chris and the boys would be very happy to host us. Sorry about the snow and cold in London, it is balmy in Costa Rica. :)

  2. the mirror to watch shots is a nice touch.

    is it a rotary pump machine? i haven’t read much about how they apply that pressure.

  3. Segue: Hey, hey, are you getting my emails? We want to use a photo of yours… Can you touch base with me asap?

    Thanks a ton!

    Best, s.

  4. Wow! Slayer builds a beautiful espresso machine. I heard that the pre-production model was built in Seattle a couple of moths ago.

  5. Wooow. Slayer does make an amazing espresso machine. I agree with ben though, a little to intense for my home.

  6. Yup, i would never buy such a big machine. Agreed that it looks awesome but i think that a Coffee shop is it right place

  7. Awesome Imagery. Now to just pop put to the local DJs here in Sydney and Grab One :)

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