26 thoughts on “Videocast #3 – Chemex

  1. why do you only pour in the center? seems like that’d under-extract the coffee on the outer edges.

  2. (as explained in the video) : 2nd pour is only center to make the inverted cone-shape (to allow free waterflow through the grounds) – if you pour all around (thereby stirring up the grounds) on 2nd pour, you will clog the flow of water, and THAT will lead to overextraction :)

  3. This is stellar. I have been tinkering around with our chemex specs for the past week or so and had just landed on a somewhat similar iteration (I am dosing more compared to this though…). I can wait to try the center for the third pour tomorrow (perhaps this will cure my need for up dosing). Good work as always sir.

  4. Borderline genius. Seriously. Very entertaining (and obviously educating) four minutes.

    Love the Stones and love the work you put into the editing. Do you mind me asking what editing software you use?

    I’s always reminded of the scene early in Betty Blue where he explains to her how to make great coffee with a filter when I see this method.

    Really great stuff James – fair play to you.



  5. Thanks James

    After Affects is a complex piece of kit.

    Anyway once more fair play to you. Like I said before it’s a properly entertaining little film as well as being very educational. Incidentally I was remarking to Hugh last week how the French Press video had changed how I made coffee at home for good!



  6. The Japanese hot water pots also work quite well for an exact center pour, and a few of them have pretty good temperature control (I have the Zojirushi vacuum-electric hybrid).
    The “choke” is why I went back to a Melita style filter, which allows fluid out all over its surface. I use the Melita filters in my Chemex brewer by placing it in the gold filter from my Bodum pot in the neck of the Chemex. So, I now fill the to the edge of the filter and stir, then top off a couple of times, stirring again, then let it finish on its own. The filters are a cheaper, leaving me more to spend on the coffee. I still adjust the grind depending on the quantity brewed, but it seems to be less critical than with the Chemex filters.

  7. […] 4.)Lose the electricity! If you can’t be swayed from your drip, try a pour-over system. This is a much more hands on and precise brewing method than electric brewers. (sorry mr. coffee.) You can find a lot of pour-over systems out there, (also known as swiss gold) but the general consensus is that chemex makes the best. This is because of the functional (and swank) glass design and because of it’s specially designed filters that allow for appropriate contact time (about 4 minutes) and are unbleached. If you just ran to your local kitchen store and purchased your first chemex. Here’s a great video to show you how to use it: Pourover Video. […]

  8. Thank you for the video

    After Affects is a complex piece of kit.

    i think it’s a properly entertaining short movie as well as being very educational. Incidentally I was remarking to Hugh since sometime how the French Press video had changed how we prepare coffee at home for good!

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