End of the week thoughts

November 9th, 2008

Just a quick post today I am afraid.  As you may have noticed I have (once again) changed the look of the blog.  I went to the magazine style before because of how people/readers were using the blog.  Now I feel that with my rarified posting, and less of an article style post more likely that a simplified traditional blog should do the trick.  I know I need to resize all the images and I will get to that at some point this week.

In other thoughts – how good does a freshly opened vacpack of coffee smell!?  Does anyone else get this lovely chocolate note to the greens too?  We don’t have that much in the roastery in vac packs, and the stuff that is is frankly awesome, but I wonder if this is common.

Anette bought me a couple of books to read today, and though they aren’t directly on topic they do sync with some other reading I’ve been doing on closed loop recycling versus traditional recycling/downcycling.  If anyone has any suggested reading on all this I’d love to know.  Not having a tv at home means I have just a little bit more time for books these days.  Plus no internet at home prevents the bad habit of just slouching around online in my spare time.

Right now the room smells of the coffees Anette is roasting to develop the winter espresso and I have to decide whether or not to continue to the tag cloud style bag label.  I wish I had had a bit more feedback from people though I think I am quite aware of its successes and failures.

And finally – I’ve been thinking about modding grinders again.  Out of curiousity – what is on everyone’s wish list for the perfect grinder?  Feedback in the comments is much appreciated!

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