Spending your caffeine allowance

November 4th, 2008

This lovely little turn of phrase was stolen from Gwilym when I offered him a cup of the cascara. It sort of stuck in my head and made me think about how I choose and don’t choose to spend mine.

One thing I’ve noticed is that my day to day tolerance varies. Some days I can just drink a lot more coffee. Gwilym raised the point that sometimes work annoyingly eats into your allowance – you are working the bar and tasting as you are going to make sure everything is running fine, and then by the time you get a break and could sit down and enjoy a cup your allowance is all spent and you just want a glass of water (or weirdly I quite fancy a coke – which just makes no sense whatsoever, but hey ho…).

Three days a week I am out delivering or visiting customers and I taste at least one or two shots everywhere I go. As a consequence I’ve noticed I spend less time messing around and pulling shots for myself at work, and the most worrying downside of this is that I am not making many drinks at all these days. I am very grateful when people tolerate me getting behind their bar for a couple of hours and let me get the latte art eye back in. (It amazes me that despite understanding the process of latte art pretty well I can still get a bit rusty if I do nothing at all for a week.) Beyond this I can help but feel a little frustrated that despite the amount of espresso I am tasting I don’t feel I have developed my understanding of it as much as I want to, but now we are back in blend development so I can enjoy focusing on that again for the next month.

So coming right back to where I began – I worry that people won’t enjoy the cascara as much as they should because they’ll be worrying about spending their caffeine allowance that they’ve saved up for a cup of something delicious. What compounds my worry/frustration is that the cascara is genuinely tasty. I really did expect it to be a bit of a novelty drink, but I think everyone who tastes it reacts the same – very pleasantly surprised.

I’ve decided not to kill the blog, and I have a rant or two lined up that will appear in the next few days, and for the people who were asking about brewing the cascara – I will do a short video soon.

How do you spend your caffeine allowance? Do you worry about it as much as me? Leave me a comment!

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