I just can’t do it

January 23rd, 2008

I am trying not to be curmudgeonly here, but I am a bit squeemish about how we use the Italian coffee words we’ve borrowed. I know it may be technically correct to say two cappuccini but that rather assumes I am speaking Italian. Which I rarely do even within Italy 1

I am not out to lambast those that do – but it does sound very odd to talk about baristi, cappuccini and the like. Even though we are rarely brewing espresso to Italian conventions it seems odd that once we anglify 2 the words they are still exempt from our rules of grammar.

Am I wrong? Should I be using Italian plurals? Should I really not worry about this sort of thing? 3

  1. more down to a lack of communicative skill in Italian than anything else  ↩︎
  2. Once it appears in English Dictionaries I reckon it is an English word and subject to our Draconian rules of language construction. But that is just me….  ↩︎
  3. Is stress slowly eating away at the sensible part of my brain??  ↩︎

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