Coffee Collective – Finca Vista Hermosa

October 28th, 2007

Klaus sent across a couple of bags of different things for Anette and I to try and amongst them was a bag of Finca Vista Hermosa.  I tasted it at the Nordic Cup but Klaus said they weren’t very happy with the roast so I withheld judgement.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the coffee.  The farm’s profile has been lifted by Edwin Martinez, one of the most vocal, active and interested growers I’ve come across online.  As much as I’ve read about him, his farm and his coffee I didn’t really have any specific expectations of how it would taste.

This isn’t really a coffee review, just a pleasant snapshot.  It is a rainy Sunday, getting dark and I am wading through some design stuff.  The music is good and I am slightly sad because this cup of coffee is almost finished.  This has been a deeply satisfying cup of coffee, and I am looking longingly at my Eva Solo, wishing I had brewed more.  I can’t read the Danish, or I can’t understand it anyway, so I don’t know what I am supposed to be tasting but it is one of those very balanced cups, harmonious if you will.  There is that note in coffee I tend to call chocolate and it is sweet and full bodied and balanced.  It is delicious, pure and simple.

I guess it has hit me in the perfect mood for it, but I don’t remember enjoying a cup as simply as this for a long time.  My gratitude to the Collective and Finca Vista Hermosa.

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