Illy’s Current Direction

October 10th, 2007

I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow upon seeing the following photos (via Gizmodo):

Quite cool, but a shame it is all backed up by a pod machine that serves really quite a different espresso from that you can read about it the books that had previously defined Illy within the industry.

It is interesting to see where they are choosing to go.  It seems we hear less and less about the coffee and more about position, branding and identity.  I have no doubt that behind it all is a roastery that would blow my mind, roasting some good greens and doing it with knowledge and care.  Perhaps as a company they feel that there is no more mileage in talking about the coffee, or that it is now getting drowned in a sea of noise or perhaps that their positioning has been sufficiently successful and that people do see them as the highest quality Italian coffee.

I’d certainly love the budget and room for experimentation and research that they have!

So – who wants a crate cafe?

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