The current state of coffee blogging

September 30th, 2007

This is really just something that struck me this evening.  Back when I started blogging there were really only two or three blogs that I read about coffee – Gauperaa, Tacy and Veldkamp seemed the only voices shouting loud enough for me to find them.  It seems a lot has changed since.

Over at Barismo they have a great little section called blog notes that is essentially interesting clippings from other coffee bloggers.  Looking through the articles listed it seems that a lot has changed.  I have 150 coffee blogs in my feed reader.  Yes, this is a touch excessive and not all of them regularly provide interesting content but a surprising amount do.  It seems that more people are stepping up to experiment in a thoughtful way and to share what they find.  This seems to gently accelerate the speed we learn collectively which is the interesting part of the internets contribution to open source learning for baristas.  Ola’s experiments, Kiril coldbrews, Elliot’s thoughts on pests and Ben’s regular critique of our absurdity (immersed as he now may be in it) are all interesting and thought provoking.

I look forward to where this is going as more baristas step up to contribute, whilst hopefully keeping an open mind…

Thoughts in the comments?

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