We’ll see your mouth and raise you an ear

By now I am sure everyone has seen the very awesome pours by the Intelli LA crew up on Tony’s blog.

Hanging out with Arthur today the opportunity came up to mess about with Arthur’s ears.  These are the results:

rosetta in arthur's ear

There isn’t much space to pour and this is the best I managed.  My rosettas didn’t really work out that well:

Stephen almost nailed a great heart a couple of times but the fear of pouring milk all over Arthur’s face meant the pull through suffered:

I think the look on people’s faces seeing us doing this in the middle of a trade show, while people were setting up made it all worth while….

Except maybe for Arthur:

(Whilst this is for the Absurd Latte Art comp we obviously aren’t eligible to win).

11 Comments We’ll see your mouth and raise you an ear

  1. David Craig

    Those mouth shots are just wrong! Somehow I don’t think I’d get away with putting them in the catalogue… See you in Gothenburg? Dave

  2. rob berghmans

    isn’t this dangerous James? :-)
    at caffenation we are breaking our heads for original art shots. i hope we still have some time to come up with something.

  3. nik orosi

    since iv meet both of you, i knew, there’s no more crazy than you two, well, maybe…
    awesome job…thanks for laughing and making me happy while looking at the pictures…

  4. Arthur Wynne

    i was caught in a very intimate position,mind you we tried hard to keep a straight face while pouring as it couldve gone pear shaped and me ending up wearing milk,it was all worth it in the end

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