September 15th, 2007

Short post I am afraid – though more when the CBC starts rolling.

I like Toronto, and it has been a hectic couple of days here so far.  There have been many highlights and I spend most of the time laughing.  Tonight I was the source of amusement as a few of us went for 1am bubble tea.  I was warned of a drink with chewy stuff, and this really isn’t the way to encourage me to drink it.  Matt Lee took great pleasure in ordering up a few different ones and watching me pull faces as I went along.  Some were great.  Some most definitely were not. I could well be tempted into trying them again.

I will get post up some suitably amusing pics when Matt posts them,  but now I have to sleep as I am still a bit wonky and its 3.20am and I am going to help build a stage tomorrow.  (And you thought it was all glamour!)

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