Absurd Latte Art update

August 31st, 2007

Just a quick round up of the stuff people have submitted in my call for milk based nonsense:

Tim Styles (Tropical Saloon):

latte art in a saucer

Perrys Karavas (Flickr page):

latte art in a ladel

Grendel (Cafe Grendel):

Conrad (Flickr page):

latte art in a gravy boat

And of course there is Anette, Stephen, Jenny and I and our art in hands:

All of this is great, but I want more! MORE!

So please, if you can, find an odd vessel and pour some art in it and leave me a link or message in the comments.

(I am still gutted our plan to pour something through Arthur’s ears in Tokyo never came off – Arthur, if you are reading this then you have to get someone to do it!)

(If I have missed anyone out let me know!)

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