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August 30th, 2007

Like many people reading this I have acquired a fair amount of different coffee brewing methods.  Some reside at the back of the cupboard and rarely get a look in (the Moka pots) while others get more regular workouts.

chemex french press aeropress and one cup drip coffee brewers

The front line each get used pretty often but these four still mean I have to make decisions and I was thinking about why I chose one on any given day.  Stephen was staying the last couple of days (that’s his borrowed press in the photo) and this morning we were sat around chatting and it was time to brew some coffee he’d brought (from HasBean).  I went for the press, mostly because it for me it is the easiest to get a good and honest cup from.  The Chemex is great, but a little intolerant of grind, the aeropress can really make the flavours in some coffees pop but it is useless if there are two of you and I couldn’t be bothered to spend the time rinsing paper filters.  The cup (Finca La Fany from El Salvador) was great, I ought to post a review in the cupping room really, nice and full bodied with a lovely caramel finish.  I went back later today on  my own and aeropressed it and was a little disappointed that it didn’t shine as clearly.

My question to you is which brewer do you reach for most often and why?

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