Auctioning memorabilia and caffeine overdosing

August 13th, 2007

Having thought about it, despite it being for a good cause I find myself completely unable to create an auction for a cup that I’ve signed.  It just wouldn’t be right, and my ego is healthy enough without thinking that my signature ought to be on things.  Instead I am going to have a ratch around in my coffee stuff and find something that people might actually want.   I’ll post when I find it.

In other news it seems that the caffeine overdose story has covered the web.  It is quite funny, and yet to many of us I am sure it appears strangely unbelievable.  On first reading the physical symptoms lasting several days don’t really stack up unless she had some sort of extreme sensitivity to caffeine, which I would have thought she would have noticed before the 7 doubles.  I’d be interested to hear from anyone with any knowledge/thoughts on this.  I understand the basics of adenosine blocking, but not that much more.  In comparison I once loaded a small flask with 8 or 9 doubles for Robbie Williams *clang of the name drop* backstage at Live8 (I did feel bad when his caffeine habits became tabloid news), and I am sure they weren’t slowly lingered over.  I am equally sure most people reading this have, at some point, drunk “a little too much” espresso and felt a bit, well…. wonky.I learnt fairly early on in my coffee career what happens when I go overboard – I drank a lot of shots during a taste pairing session.  I think the sweating side-effect was by far the classiest.

It is the second time that caffeine has popped up this week – the other being the discussion started by Inni over at coffeed.

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